About me and my painting      

As you can see I like to paint different motive. Maybe the nature-painting lies warmest to my heart, but I also like to paint portrait of people and animals. I paint both in oil and acrylic.

In my painting I want to give prominence to the beautiful, nature with its different variations. Occasionally I like to paint and construe after music, then it most often become abstract motive. I also like to simplify and abstract and I love colors. I also take orders.

My education I have received at the Artschool of Kristianstad. I have always liked to draw and paint.

J have had a number of exhibitions in Kristianstad with surroundings , ( Oktava, Länsmuséet, Romelegården, Sofiero, Knutstorps Borg, etc. )

Study tours to, among others, Morocco, Cyprus, Austria, Germany, Provence, Spain, etc.

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